Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline

by Volker Weber

Interesting summary by the EFF:

Since its incorporation just over five years ago, Facebook has undergone a remarkable transformation. When it started, it was a private space for communication with a group of your choice. Soon, it transformed into a platform where much of your information is public by default. Today, it has become a platform where you have no choice but to make certain information public, and this public information may be shared by Facebook with its partner websites and used to target ads.

To help illustrate Facebook's shift away from privacy, we have highlighted some excerpts from Facebook's privacy policies over the years. Watch closely as your privacy disappears, one small change at a time!

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In this context you maybe will take a look at Likebutton

Richard Kaufmann, 2010-04-30

What gives me the total irrits is the fact they arbitrarily change their security settings, then default you to the least secure settings. To me that borders on unethical. But I guess, if everyone had their settings clamped shut then they wouldn't be able to make any money from your data. There's no such thing as a free lunch!

Brendon Upson, 2010-05-03

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