I love this ad

by Volker Weber

It is very interesting how this song has evolved. Originally by Billy Joel (1978 in Bremen and 2006 in Tokyo), it is covered here by Fyfe Dangerfield of the Guillemots. The song is on his latest album Fly Yellow Moon.

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Michael Sedlaczek, 2010-05-03

Einfach wunderbar. Sehr bewegend, irgendwie... Haben eben einen Kleinen zu Hause, wie das Mädel, das in die Röhre hineinkriecht. Wird wohl auch eher die Schulbank drücken als es einem lieb ist.

Werner Hofer, 2010-05-03

We went and saw Fyfe Dangerfield last week in London and he seems to be completely blown away by the reaction to the ad. It is a wonderful song on what is rather a good album in general.

Matt White, 2010-05-04

Strange that the era never changes. It always appears to be our present.

Hanno Zulla, 2010-05-04

That is because you know your IKEA catalog.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-04

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