CouchDB: Making it Okay to Work Offline

by Volker Weber

Damien Katz, the creator of CouchDB and CEO of Couchio, is working with the Palm development team to implement further mobile syncing features with Apache CouchDB.  At the recent Palm Developer Day conference, Palm announced that the next version of WebOS will include services for syncing locally stored data with a CouchDB non-relational database in the cloud.  CouchDB allows database content to be replicated in the cloud and on the edge of the network (mobile devices, smartphones, etc.) so that users always have the latest versions of their data whether online or offline; bringing the data with you no matter where you are.  DZone spoke with Katz about CouchDB and what multi-device syncing means for the future of computing.

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[Thanks, Jan-Piet]


I hoping to start playing with CouchDB this year so this announcement is most interesting.

Richard Moy, 2010-05-10

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