There is an app for that. Not.

by Volker Weber

Funny observation on the iPad. There is not a single app I like to use for Google Reader, Twitter or Facebook. The respective websites are better than all the apps I tried. And I tried only the free ones.

Feeddler RSS was close, but after a week I found out that the free version was just a time-bombed demo version. Tweetdeck would be cool if it weren't so buggy.

Oh, yes, you don't use iPhone apps on the iPad. They just look ridiculous.


Hallo Volker,

zuerst mal : Happy Birthday auch von mir !!!

Zum Thema RSS & Google Reader schau dir doch mal NewsRack an.
Finde ich super.



Oliver Barner, 2010-05-10

Twitterrific for iPad for Twitter (free).

NewsRack for Google Reader (not free, but cheap).

Lewis Turek, 2010-05-10

I haven't found an RSS reader that works well for me, either. I've tried them all. Feeddler comes closest.

Rob McDonagh, 2010-05-11

I've been using Reeder as my RSS reader and really like it... unfortunately no iPad version yet and not free.

Kirk Kuykendall, 2010-05-11

You didn't look hard enough.

Tom davis, 2010-05-11

NewsRack - zumindest auf dem iPhone klasse.

Manfred Dillmann, 2010-05-11


a little bit off topic, but I have a simple question concerning the iPad:

What can the iPad do, that the iPhone can not do (except for screen size + resolution)?

I am thinking about buying an iPad (next to my Notebook, Netbook, Blackberry and iPhone 3GS). I can use the iPhone for surfing. What bothers me is not so much little screen but rather the slow rendering. Is the iPad much faster then the iPhone?


Felix Binsack, 2010-05-11

How would one mark something as unread in NewsRack?

Mariano Kamp, 2010-05-11

Felix, there's a ton of comparisons on youtube.

Timo Stamm, 2010-05-11

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