There is an app for that. Do I want one?

by Volker Weber


Here is an interesting observation: yes, there are apps for the iPad. But in most cases the websites behind them are better. Case in point is Twitterific and Twitter. It's a popular iPhone app, but on the iPad? Most of the time I just use


More information, clean layout, very quick. The website loads a lot faster than the app. And it has already refreshed its content.

There are quite a few publishers who hope to sell you apps for their content. If they don't stop publishing to their website, and how could they, most of them will be in for a surprise. The iPad is actually quite good without any apps. And without apps, there isn't much of a lock-in from Apple.


Actually, the same question can be asked in regard to some web apps on the smartphone. Google's offerings (Mail, Reader, Buzz) are playing in the same league (at least) as many of the respective apps - including Google's own. One example where I really like the app over the web app is Twitter for Android - and it's made by Twitter.

Konstantin Klein, 2010-05-16

The Google Mail UI on the iPad is more usable than on a PC/Mac. I rivals the built-in mail app of the iPad. However, it shows the main limitation of browser based apps. No meaningful notifications.

Until OS 4 comes to the iPad, 3rd party apps share the same problem. No, "push notifications" as implemented in iPhone OS are not the answer. Android is winning big time in this space.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-16

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