How Sonos PR invents a feature that does not exist

by Volker Weber

This is pretty funny.

The US press release for the Sonos 3.2 update says:

Sonos customers can now customize alarms for different days of the week. Wake up to your favorite radio station on one day and a Pandora station or playlist on another. Set the room, the time and the music for any or every day of the week.

For the UK press release this is translated to:

Sonos customers can now customise alarms for different days of the week. Wake up to your favourite radio station on one day and a tag radio on another. Set the room, the time and the music for any or every day of the week.

The reason of course is that Pandora is not available outside the US, while tag radio plays in the US, the UK and Germany. The only problem is, the software does not know you can set a tag radio as an alarm. The feature simply does not exist.

Thanks to Axel for spotting this mistake.


...and thanks Volker for your help in keeping our focus on all the details. :-)

Fiede Schillmoeller, 2010-05-18

Fiede, these things happen. And I am pretty sure we won't have an encore.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-18

Damn, I was so happy about the feature :-(

Thomas Lang, 2010-05-18

Consider it pre-announced. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2010-05-18

I am very sorry Thomas. But have you tried the other features yet?

Fiede Schillmoeller, 2010-05-18

No Fiede, I haven't yet. But I will tonight when back from daily business.

Thomas Lang, 2010-05-18

Fiede, is there a status update on the QoS issue which was reported some months ago? I'm using the Sonos mesh to distribute internet in my appartment, but large downloads can make the music stop. That shouldn't happen.

Hanno Zulla, 2010-05-18

@Hanno: I agree, but I do not have an update for you unfortunately.
@Thomas: Have fun tonight - I assume you have sufficient S5s.

Fiede Schillmoeller, 2010-05-18

@Fiede: Can one have sufficient S5s?

Thomas Lang, 2010-05-18

@thomas: No. I need one more S5. Kids are demanding music monsters. Some time ago they grabbed my "left channel" S5. I claimed it back today. They're not amused.

Andreas Braukmann, 2010-05-18

Well Andreas, I might be able to help you with that problem ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2010-05-18

@Hanno: You say you're using the Sonos mesh to distribute internet in your apartment. How does that work? How to enable that? I'd love to use at least one of the players as Wifi bridge.

Benjamin Bock, 2010-05-19

That's not how it works. All Ethernet ports within Sonosnet are bridged. You can plug in a cable at one Sonos device and another one on a second Sonos device and they will be in the same network.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-19

I see. In one part of my apartment, the CR100 works (because there's a S5 in the same room) but the Wifi accesspoint is too far away so the iPod can't be used as a controller there. Looks like I need another controller or another accesspoint I could attach to the S5 there.

Benjamin Bock, 2010-05-19

Just don't use the access point for large file transfers then. You would be overloading Sonosnet. That is Hanno's issue.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-19

Indeed. And it's strange that there aren't more people complaining about it. The issue is very easy to stumble into if you're using the (great!) Sonosmesh to network the appartment and I can't be the only one doing that.

Hanno Zulla, 2010-05-19

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