Things I did not hear at Google I/O 2010

by Volker Weber

I did not particularly enjoy the smugness in Google's keynotes. They'd look better if they did not try to piss on Apple as much as they did. Let people decide what they want. Apple has good stuff. So does Google.

Stuff I missed:

And the big one. Why do we need Chrome OS and Android?


I think the first 60 minutes absolutely rocked. Vic was doing a good job, but also the news were great. I had to actively manage my breathing ;-)

I agree on the tone though - it would've been much better if they would've been charming or at least ignoring the topic. Nothing good can come from this trash talk.

I really liked that the actual Flash part did only take 90 seconds.

And btw. I enjoyed the first 60 minutes more than the recents Steve Notes combined, but that the demos were so rocky would've never happened at a Steve Note.

Mariano Kamp, 2010-05-21

Indeed, that was fun. I love it when things aren't as polished. But Vic lost it. He started out nice and ended being just annoying.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-21

as a Domino Administrator,
I thinks that the big news was the announce of Google App Engine for Business, currently is a preview, but what happen when will integrate Google apps like mail, calendar, chat, directory integration, etc?
At the moment the biggest motivation for don't switch from Exchange or Domino to Google Apps is having to keep data behind enterprise walls.
If Google App Engine for Business solve that problem, then the comparison becomes interesting.
.Giorgio Blangetti

Giorgio Blangetti, 2010-05-21

App Engine *already* integrates very nicely with the Google Apps suite via the Google Data APIs. Plus there is a thriving market for ISV solutions on the Marketplace. Even before the App Engine for Business product was announced, I have been working with a Google Apps reseller in the UK to help replace the last remnants of one legacy Domino apps infrastructure using App Engine.

Jeff Gilfelt, 2010-05-21

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