Android versions cheatsheet

by Volker Weber

Notice to self. These are the codenames for Android versions:

1.5 Cupcake (that's the one I immediately updated G1 to when I first started using it)
1.6 Donut (as of today, the G1 is still running this version)
2.0 Eclair (Moto Droid launched with this version)
2.1 Eclair (yes, same codename, very small changes, Nexus One launched with this version)
2.2 Froyo (Frozen Yogurt, Nexus One updated, others to follow)

Next up is Gingerbread, in 2H2010. Confirmed so far it will display WebM videos. Gingerbread does not seem to have a version number attached to it yet.

The advances from the 1.0 G1 to 2.2 Nexus One are staggering.


I just love the word 'staggering'. JC says it all the time.

Valentin Woelm, 2010-05-25

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