Good Nokia, bad Nokia

by Volker Weber


Attention Nokia N900 owners: there’s a new software update coming your way this week (UK release today, and global release tomorrow Wednesday, May 26). Version 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) comes offering a range of enhancements to the already bursting Maemo5 mobile computer.


Nokia doesn’t have plans for a full scale commercial MeeGo upgrade on the Nokia N900

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I'd like to see the day when Nokia comes up with platform names that do not sound silly. Or - if that's impossible - then at least some that are funny and likable.

Martin Böhm, 2010-05-25

This is not very nice, but also should not be a problem due to Qt4.6 forming the bridge to Symbian^3 (and above) as well as MeeGo for most Applications. As you might agree, Volker, Meamo5 is not too bad, anyway ;)

If you are a 'bleeding edge' user, it is perfectly okay, you will switch to the N8 in August and later on to the first MeeGo device at the end of this year. Prolonged support is not a headache for you.

If you wanted to stick with it for some years - different story. Still, it DOES a great job the way it is.

Hubert Stettner, 2010-05-26

Yes, very bad Nokia. They did this stunt for every Maemo-device so far.

Say what you will of Apple, but at least they keep updating their iPhone software for old hardware.

Hanno Zulla, 2010-05-26

Well, the N900 isn't exactly old after six months on the market.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-26

Well, the N900 isn't exactly old after six months on the market.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-26

As far as I understand , the n900 hardware will be fully supported in meego (by nokia). But nokia will not deliver a meego distribution by themselves for the n900.
Also, when nokia is speaking about meego, they mean maemo6 or harmattan for the most time. For marketing reasons I guess....

martin borho, 2010-05-26

Yes, Nokia will not deliver Meego for the N900. For all the wrong reasons.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-26

Well, Apple is not letting the ipod touch 1 have all the fun, so I beg to differ, Hanno... Sorry, was bitten by that, could not resist.

Alexander Koch, 2010-05-26

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