Free music from Trent Reznor: How To Destroy Angels

by Volker Weber

Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Atticus Ross (Photo: Non-Entity Corp.)

We've released our debut 6-track EP as a FREE download, delivered as high-quality DRM-free MP3s. Sign up below for immediate access. For $2, you can upgrade to the HD package, which adds options for lossless audio (24-bit 44.1kHz WAV and 16-bit FLAC and Apple Lossless) and the music video for "The Space in Between" in 1080p and 480p. An immediate download of the HD package is included FREE with any merchandise purchase.

Download here. And remember, is your friend.


I've already listened to it. Really great stuff; a must have.
Sounds a bit like "Reznor meets Trip-Hop"

Stefan Schneider, 2010-06-01

Good that taste is so multifaceted. I heard it and thought it was construction noise.

Richard Kaufmann, 2010-06-01

Richard, that makes sense, the genre is called "industrial" ;-)

Timo Stamm, 2010-06-02

Looks like they're now filtering disposable mail services. Neither 10minutemail nor mailiniator got a mail from them.

Oliver Regelmann, 2010-06-02

I love Trent Reznor. Great to see him back!

Derek Paul, 2010-06-16

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