World Of Nokia closes shop

by Volker Weber

After what has been a up and down 2 years I am announcing that World Of Nokia will be closing it’s doors for the final time on 5th June 2010 when the site will no longer be updated. ... Seeing as this is the final post I thought it only right to explain the reason behind the closing of the site and to be brutal its the fact Nokia have stopped being as creative as they once were not that long ago.

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Shame... I can remember a time (not that long ago) when a discussion about getting the best phone on the market didn't mean whether or not to get a Nokia but simply which Nokia to get. How the times have changed.

Brian Wilson, 2010-06-03

They still make good phones. But they no longer set the trends.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-03

Its a shame but my experience of the N97 and ( to a lesser extent ) the E72 are summed up by his comment

"The software continues to be bug filled on these new ¢500 devices and the final straw for a lot of people was the disaster called the Nokia N97 which at ¢50 a month in the UK some places to get free was far too overpriced".

The lack of innovation is a big problem to consumers and early adopters in business but it is the buggyness that kills it for general business users imho.

When people see how well the iPhone (or BB ) works out of the box they realise that they deserve better for their money.

The Ovi store is still a joke. I know that this sounds a tad Irish but why is the Ovi Store application not in the Ovi store ? I reset my E72 for some testing yesterday and it took me an hour to find the right Ovi application - the ones it suggested automatically would not work as they contained a widget - must have been for an N97 or similar.

Similarly why is Opera Mobile not in the store ?

Why will the built in browser not stream video but the free Skyfire one will ?

Why does Nokia make it impossible to install podcast management software on the E72 ? - I would use it more for business than pleasure.

It is real shame it has come to this just as smart phones are going exponential.

How do you go about shorting shares or is it already too late ?

I am counting down to the end of my contract and it will be Android next I think, mind you 384 days is a long time in this space.


Sean Cull, 2010-06-04

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