Reeder. Best News Reader. Ever.

by Volker Weber

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Full ACK. On iPhone as on iPad.

Frank Mueller, 2010-06-12

Haven't tried it myself yet, but watched a video. Awesome UI - looks fun to use.

I am glad it's not available on Android ;-) That leaves me more time to come up with a tablet interface ;-)

Mariano Kamp , 2010-06-12


Stefan Tilkov, 2010-06-12

NewsRob fetches article content in the background and syncs with Google without me ever having to take action or even think about it. The latest content is always available when I am offline during a London Underground commute. How does Reeder handle this use case?

Jeff Gilfelt, 2010-06-12

This is my 4th reader I try on the ipad and it's by far the best one.
Thanks for this tip.
(written from reeder)

Wolfgang schmidetzki, 2010-06-12

iPad does not run apps in the background. So, Reeder has to be open to refresh.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-12

Tell me why Reeder is better than NewsRack?

I don't like change!!!....

Lewis Turek, 2010-06-12

You don't have to ...

Volker Weber, 2010-06-12

Have you ever tried feedly, i realy like it on different pc as a browser plugin for firefox and chrome. Shortcuts with j, k, v , gg and ? Try out on .

Steffen Quievreux, 2010-06-12

Works great! Thanks for the tip.

Erik Ferrari, 2010-06-14

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