How stupid can you possibly be?

by Volker Weber


If you consider yourself an expert in the field of social media and you liked or followed the instructions on the "Who blocked you" page on Facebook, I have very bad news for you: you're a fraud. And even worse: all your friends know you're a fraud. Because you just told them.

For all those with a brain: "Copy the code below, paste it into your browser's address bar and press enter" is a very bad idea. Much like "point gun at head and pull trigger".

Thank you for listening.


Ask Albert Einstein.

Sven Richert, 2010-06-17

Das Dumme ist nur, es gibt ja auch Kinder und Jugendliche. Und wer mal gesehen hat, wie 12 .. 15jährige damit umgehen ... da kann einem Angst und Bange werden.

Andreas Walter, 2010-06-17

sorry for beeing dumb, but I can't get the point (don't have a facebook account either [any more]). Want to laugh with you! So: what's it about? please ...

Ekki Eilers, 2010-06-17

@Ekki: This is a social engineering attack that aims at running malicious JavaScript code your Facebook credentials. Probably a worm that (in addition to its payload) tries to gain access to your "friends" list and post itself to their inboxes.

Its execution, however, is on the same level as the e-mail signature virus ("Hi! I'm a virus, please copy me to your signature and send me to all your friends!").

OTOH, the vast majority of people tends to do as their computers tell them. And when presented a nice promise on a computer screen people tend also to forget that there is no free cake. I guess that in spite of the approach this attack is actually successful.

Martin Böhm, 2010-06-17

Martin, thanks for the explanation. Life is so much easier without web 2.0. ;)

Ekki Eilers, 2010-06-18

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