BlackBerry Developer Days 2010

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry Developer Day brings together experts and industry insiders to provide you with the latest news and opportunities in the world of apps. With in-depth technical sessions and expert advice you can soon be on the road to creating successful applications for BlackBerry smartphone.

This event is perfect for anyone seriously interested in app development. Whether you're a business partner, content generator or developer, if you're looking to get the most effective and commercial results this is an event not to be missed.

Paris - 21 June
London - 24 June
Hamburg - 28 June

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So any insights on upcoming product announcements from RIM ? I'm thinking of trading up my Nokia E71 for a BB Bold 9700, but while it seems the software is nicer than Nokia's, from a device's perspective it's a little behind the latest greatest, let me know what you think.

Joel Demay, 2010-06-17

I already did.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-17

Well, in a post iphone 4 world, (maybe I'm naive) but I was thinking that Rim would be retaliating with a new crop of devices. Based on your (excellent) post the 9700 seems like the way to go, however it still feels a little dated.

Joel Demay, 2010-06-17

Not to me. I find it just right. Extremely effective. And it will get an update to 6.0 this year. RIM is rumored to work on a device that combines touch screen and keyboard, and you probably have seen pictures of the 9800 slider. But when that comes out I am sure there is an even better one right around the corner. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-17

I attended the BB Dev Day at the MWC and highly recommend it.

Stefan Opitz, 2010-06-17

Hear, hear!

Volker Weber, 2010-06-17

If my company would not cripple my Bold 9700 to death, I would never think of buying an iPhone (or any other device).

Sven Richert, 2010-06-17

First, the presentations very quite well for techie-topics. I've seen a lot of bad presentations by techies before.

What I really like are the possibilities zu integrate your apps into "native" apps; like adding your own menu items to the context menu of the mail app. Probably nothing new for blackberry users, but coming from JavaMe and looking at Steves funny walled garden it was very inspiring.

And getting a preview of the JDE 5 and how it simplifies lots of things (network communication) changed the old impression I gained while checking the plattform like a year ago. But again, coming from the outside, not being a blackberry user.

Stefan Opitz, 2010-06-17

Sven, are you also a little disappointed, that your company is not offering you a shiny Ferrari?

Companies are using BlackBerries because they are able to lock it done just for working tasks. The IT staff has to support your device and to ensure, it's just working rock solid!

In my spare time I am prefering the iPhone, too...

Peter Meuser, 2010-06-18

Peter, before you lecture somebody on administration of BlackBerry devices, it may be worth checking what his profession is. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-18

at the end it boils down to two elements: what is the prevailing governance and security requirements and the paranoia levels associated with this that are implemented on the BES.

I am rather lucky as I can play as much as I want with the corporate BB and thus are not lusting for an iPhone at all, but I know from Sven and friends that are served by HZD (governmental IT service "provider" in Hessen) that have fully castrated Blackberrys. There is always many ways to do things, but not always companies and alike use the path that is increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Armin Auth, 2010-06-18

I have seen other people like Sven complaining that their corporate BlackBerry is "crippled". In most cases I saw the issue was either PEBCAK ;-) or any third party apps that were installed which were not compatible with a corporate BES installation, e.g. they couldn't route their traffic through the BES and required BIS, which is usually disabled in corporate BES environments.

Stefan Schmidt, 2010-06-18

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