Mobile mail triage

by Volker Weber

I am a little bit lost for words. Jeff said:

It's a shame IBM weren't ready with this in time for last weeks Apple Design Awards at WWDC10

Ben says:

I can't wait to see the native iPad version - just imagine how many buttons they could fit on!

Ed says:

function, not form. Pure research project

I am thinking what would happen if a developer would suggest to Steve Jobs to show this during a press event, or to put it up on the web.


Oh. My. God.

Rob McDonagh, 2010-06-17

Geeze, talk about over thinking this stuff!

Colin Williams, 2010-06-17

On another planet.

Stuart McIntyre, 2010-06-17

I live in my inbox. Professionally and personally.

I would love to have a tool like that. He had me in the first 30 seconds.

And reagarding the UI: That's how a developer prototype looks like that has no polish applied yet.

For example, imagine this fugly menu/overlay at 1:00 were substituted by those sexy pop overs you know from the iPad or the Android twitter app.

There is a lot of things that would be sexier in a polished version, but integrating tasks and mail sounds fantastic to me and reflects at least my style of working.
All of those skin deep integration approaches from before really didn't cut it for me.

What I don't get is why this was made public already. It is too early for a non-developer audience and I've never seen it working to say "Look at the functionality only ...". If sharing with a broader audience I would prefer a more conceptual approach (slides) or a more polished product.

FD: I work for IBM - not in any away associated with the video or even the business unit - my own opinion only.

Mariano Kamp, 2010-06-17

“Unpolished developer interfaces”, unfortunately, often don’t get polished in the end. And I’m not sure how you’d make this “friendlier” anyway.

I think there’s a bigger issue at play: people are over-thinking their email. Read it, then either flag for action or delete.

Job done.

Ben Poole, 2010-06-17

looks like it could be part of an GTD app

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2010-06-17

IBM Software

From engineers for engineers

Tobias Mueller, 2010-06-17

My head hurts.

I understand it is function over form, but if this is going to go on youtube, there should be a constant scrolling bar at the bottom stating the UI has not been built.. this is lab research etc...

Paul Mooney, 2010-06-17

Well, again IBM gave the proof that they do not believe in Domino as a development platform. It clear that you do not code your next accounting system with LotusScript, but if you decide to use the Lotus Connections WebSphere bloat to develop an "email triage" and to display the resulting todo list in the Notes client, you do not show much confidence in the abilities of Domino as collab platform. Of course this all fits together nicely with variuos plugins, but in a production environment, every interface will cause trouble at some point in time.

In addition, being happy Notes/Domino users (mainly messaging), we have recently considered to employ XPages for a client-facing application. This idea was given up immediately when we saw the price tag of the Utility server license. If you have the choice to learn, buy and run something which is perceived as niche product with a heavy price tag (not only in regard to license costs...) or go with the newest buzzword compliant technology, the choice of the C-level may be obvious. Maybe this is different for shops with an established Notes ecosystem, but we want to grow, don't we?

Peter Daum, 2010-06-17

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