Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

by Volker Weber


Update: I have now updated a couple of machines. iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd gen) both feel very good. iPhone 3G not so much. Initially it was going very, very slow. This has improved somewhat after I ran a couple of the apps.


Engine running

Ulrich Krause, 2010-06-21

Not until Apple approves some more apps awaiting their iOS 4.0 incarnations!

Ben Poole, 2010-06-21

We are waiting for you being the guinea pig

Sven Richert, 2010-06-21

I said it before and I say it again: "We drive fast cars and install the latest and greatest, so you don't have to." :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

Downloaded, installed and updated on the 3GS. No glitches so far. Testing apps.

Traveler works fine.

Paul T. Calhoun, 2010-06-21

I think it's great, that I get an update even though my phone is now two years old.
It is limited, but still much better than what G1 owners get.

Having said that, multitasking is not an iPhone 3G feature it seems. Let's see if I find some meaningful addition.

Mariano Kamp, 2010-06-21

iPhone 3G has only 128 MB of RAM. That may be the reason. And to make you feel you need new gear. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

No multi-tasking on iPod Touch - that's a pointless hour of my life I will never get back. Gone from iPhone OS2 through iPhone OS3 to iOS4 in the last 48hrs and can't see any benefits for me at all yet.

Ben Rose, 2010-06-21

Apple says:

Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking, custom wallpaper, and Bluetooth keyboard support are available only with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and the third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009).

So my iPhone 3G won't get them, but my 3g iPod touch will. Always read the fine print.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

That page wasn't presented to me when iTunes offered the upgrade.

It simply showed all the new and exciting features I might get. If it actually presented me with a list of features relevant to my hardware it would have been a pretty short list.

Ben Rose, 2010-06-21

Ben, I won't lecture you on all the things you have gained from 2.0. The upgrade from 3 to 4 should have been free. Was it?

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

No, it cost me 90mins of my time :O)

I do see your point, what did I get? Nothing. What did it cost me? Nothing. Kinda like WYSIWYG I guess.

I'm just disappointed. I only use 2 apps, Sonos controller and Ocado for ordering supermarket shopping. I was hoping to be able to use them concurrently but still can't.

The same 2 apps multi-task just fine on my Android phone but that leaves the house with me. I was hoping to leave the iPod Touch on a dock in the kitchen for my wife to use and switch between them easily.

Ben Rose, 2010-06-21

Your expectations were just wrong. And it was not a secret either. Your existing apps will not multitask on any iPhone or iPod. They have to be written to take advantage of this feature. And I don't see which of the iOS4 services they would even want to use doing that.

Sometimes you know everything, sometimes you don't. These things happen. I hope you did not watch the screen for 90 minutes, while iTunes was doing its thing.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

This was slightly misleadingmisleading communication by Apple. I have read that Ipod Touch 3G is supported. This is true but now you can get the following information from

iOS 4 works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. Not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Olaf Boerner, 2010-06-21

That's on the iPhone page. Look at the iPod page. iPod touch 3G with 32 or 64 GB have 256 MB of RAM. They should multitask. iPhone 3G has 128, 3Gs has 256, and 4 has 512.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-21

Be careful with upgrading: Google Sync (Exchange) has some problems since yesterday:
see in their forum

Heiko Bobzin, 2010-06-22

My iPhone lost it's settings for the mobile network (APN) as it does a device from a colleague (o2 Germany and Vodafone).
After entered them again everything was fine again.

Thomas Lang, 2010-06-22

Not for me if Apple knows where my device is and is telling people and I don't get an opt out (unless I want to stop downloading apps, obv.).

Jonathan Lewis, 2010-06-22

Unfortunately not everything is working fine. I've lost my tethering option after the update. Any ideas how to get it back?

Thomas Lang, 2010-06-22

First time without ANY issue; 2 GS iPhones (each):
• download 4'
• Backup, synch 2'
• install 8'
• re-synch 1'
• test 1'
• search how to do folders 15'

sums up to 30'. Hmm, what did the other do for 90'?

Michael Renner, 2010-06-22

Thomas, did you try pushing down a new profile.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-22

Is it worth to update my wife's iPhone 3G with iOS4 or does »looks like the speed is *improving* once you loaded a few apps. #iphone #ios4« should be meant ironic?

Sven Richert, 2010-06-22

It's not meant to be ironic, but I have no final judgement. Maybe you should hold off for a few days.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-22

Yes, I tried it, without success. After selecting my provider this screen showed up.

So I googled around and found this.
I restored my iPhone, pushed down the new profile and tada, Tethering was there. But after restoring my data it was gone again :-(.

Thomas Lang, 2010-06-22

Instead of restoring you might want to try just syncing the data back in.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-22

Instead of restoring you might want to try just syncing the data back in.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-22

No, it doesn't work. No tethering.

I have to admit that my iPhone was jailbreaked before the update to iOS4. But as far as I understood that shouldn't be a problem. After updating and restoring everything should be like it was never jb before....

Thomas Lang, 2010-06-22

slowly, but steadily I am getting more and more upset with companies, institutions or governments that behave in a way somebody on this blog gave the fitting name "dämliche Kack-Kacke", or "DKK" from now on.

How much can somebody screw around with something WE have paid for? Look for the next item on the DKK-list here (click)

Armin Roth, 2010-06-22

Up & Running! All is well, two minor hiccups: 1.) Had to delete and re-add all pictures that I am syncing with my PC. They all looked completely dithered on the iPhone after the upgrade. 2.) Had to redo the Bluetooth link to my car.

Ulli Mueller, 2010-06-22

Just had a crash opening the contacts application. I was sitting in dead spot, maybe the phone tried to do some first time sync with the traveler server after the update.
The whole phone was frozen including the on/off button and the home button. After about 2 minutes, the phone rebooted. Now everything is fine again, contacts open without problems.

Karsten Lehmann, 2010-06-22

It works. Some tries and another restore of the device later with manually copying data and applications, Tethering is there and working again....

Thomas Lang, 2010-06-23

I just realised that tethering with an iPhone means to connect via USB cable or Bluetooth – no Wifi without jailbreaking. What a mess!

Sven Richert, 2010-06-23

On top of that: if you want to make a Facetime call from an iPhone 4 without Wifi access, you need a friendly Nexus One or Palm Pre that can help you out with its Mobile Hotspot.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-23

Sometimes I hate do not like network carriers. It is their merit that this function is crippled.

Sven Richert, 2010-06-24

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