Sonos is working on an iPad controller

by Volker Weber


No surprise, eh? But you have to brace yourself. What you see here, isn't live code. Coming late August ...

Interesting observation: after updating the iPod touch to iOS4, the controller is snappier. The iPod keeps Wi-Fi live, while the display is sleeping, so the controller does not have to wait for the network to establish and can directly talk to the players.

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Similarly, Comcast (US cable) is creating an app for controlling TV. I wonder how long it will take until we get something like it in Canada.

Alan Lepofsky, 2010-06-22

Awesome :)

Flemming Riis, 2010-06-22

Finally one reason for me to upgrade to iOS 4.

Dirk Steins, 2010-06-22

The purchase further Sonos components is still delayed until the Android app appears.

Henrik Müller, 2010-06-23

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