Opt-out for iAds not working yet

by Volker Weber


In theory you should be able to opt out from personalized iAds by pointing Safari on iOS4 to oo.apple.com. I guess it will eventually work.

Oh, it just did:



I still don't quite understand what it means to "opt out" of iAds. According to this technote it seems that the opt out only reduces the relevance of the ads, instead of keeping you from seeing ads at all.

Julian Robichaux, 2010-06-22

You don't allow Apple to monitor your behavior when you opt out. As an advertiser I would only buy targeted ads on iAd. I expect that not too many people will opt out, so Apple can show those ads to the other folks. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-22

I can't wait for the first Voice iAd's arrive, giving You "relevant" ads that break into Your conversations :-)

Dag Kvello, 2010-06-25

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