Android 2.2 FRF83 for Nexus One now available

by Volker Weber


Since Google has released Froyo as open source now, this should be the final version. Here are the updates from FRF50 and FRF72 to FRF83.

Download, copy to SD card as, power down, hold volume down and power on, with volume buttons scroll down to "recovery" and press power button, at the attention sign press volume up and power, from the menu select "Apply" with track ball, reboot when finished.


Who has download links for FRF83-from-ERE27 or FRF83-from-EPF30?


Great, now I only have to wait 6+ more months until Froyo will be available for my Milestone. :(
Well, at least there are rumors about an update to the current 2.1 version that fixes some of the more annoying bugs.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2010-06-24

you should edit your update instructions to:

... "at the attention sign press power and afterwards volume up," ...

Thomas Edelmann, 2010-06-24

Imagine you had a Vodafone issued Nexus One, and you would have to wait until they have successfully crippled the official Froyo release for their customers. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2010-06-24

Oh, nice!

But, and as a newbie Android user I have to ask this:

How does the OTA update work? Will Android tell me? If so, when? I basically never switch off or reboot the device. Or should I check regulary manually?

Thanks :)

Andreas Schepers, 2010-06-24

Just hang on. It will tell you when you have an update. If you can't wait then dial *#*#2432546#*#*

Volker Weber, 2010-06-24

Har Har. Har.
Yes. Downloadlinks for an EPF30 to FRF83 update would be very nice.

EPF30 is crashing on me once in a while: phone application freezes, calls get interrupted, successful connection auf calls with failing voice transmission, ...


Andreas Braukmann, 2010-06-24

I got the nexus one from vodafone because they told me about the android 2.2. I have EPF30 and would love to upgrade to FRF83. Would it be sensible to upgrade to FRF50 or FRF72 then to FRF83? Can someone send me a link to those versions so that I can do this.


Sonia Wright, 2010-06-24

Any word on the street as when I will be able to upgrade my brand new HTC Desire from 2.1 to 2.2 ?

As a side note Volker, the HTC is quite a different animal compared to the E71/E72. I can't really see myself going full time with the HTC. The Nokia seems a much better solution for a road warrior (battery life, very solid design). However the HTC Desire is soooo much more enjoyable in terms of UI, integration between the various services, and overall quality of the applications available (including the Lotus Traveler client for the Android) is much better than on the Nokia Symbian platform. I guess I really need 2 sim cards.

Joel Demay, 2010-06-24

Sonia, I haven't seen any upgrade path from your stock ROM so far. It will be there eventually, over the air.

Joel, you are about to understand why I always have one favorite phone AND a BlackBerry.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-24

Volker, is the Nexus One from Vodafone branded? In other words: Would it be better to buy a not-Vodafone Nexus somewhere and insert a vodafone card?

Michael Obenland, 2010-06-24

The Nexus One you can buy from Vodafone Germany is not branded. It's the same phone Google offers on their website. Only difference is the firmware. The Vodafone Nexus One has firmware 2.1-update1, build no. EPF30.

And don't call me Volker ... ;-).

Thomas Weitzel, 2010-06-24

As I'm sitting here and checking for updates every now and then on my Nexu one with EPF30 (Vodafone crippled release) I wonder if it is possible to root the vodafone thing, use a non Vodafone image and than start the upgrade procedure, possible?

Olaf Baumert, 2010-06-24

Certainly so. You install ERE27, take it to FRF50 and then FRF83.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-24

Was habe ich mich gefreut als man das Nexus One in Deutschland /einfach so/ kaufen konnte. Ich war dann auch in einem Vodafone-Laden und habe es mal angefasst.
Da dann aber schon Froyo am Horizont erschien, wartete ich noch mal ab, vor allem als dann die abweichende Build-No. des VF-Modells bekannt war.
Also bin ich seit Wochen ungeduldig. @vodafone_de (Twitter) konnte auch noch mit keinen Informationen dienen.
Einerseits heißt es, EPF30 sei keine /Vodafone-Anpassung/ sondern nur eine neuerer Build, anderseits ist die Update-Version auf FRF83 noch nirgendwo aufgetaucht. :(

Angenommen auch in den nächsten Tagen ist keine Update-Datei und kein OTA-Update auf Froyo erhältlich und ich hätte keine Lust schon gleich das Gerät unter Garantieverlust zu behandeln, kann man als Kunde in 'schland auf einfachem Weg ein Nexus One mit einem anderen, /normalen/ Build und Garantie erwerben (Bei Logitel z.B. soll ebenfall Build EPF30 drauf sein.)?

Marc Patermann, 2010-06-25

Volker Weber wrote:
> Certainly so. You install ERE27, take it to FRF50 and then FRF83.

Does this mean, I have to "root" my device (= lose warranty)?

frans meiert, 2010-06-25

Yes, you have to unlock the boat loader if you want to install a different image. It all depends on how patient you are. I'm pretty sure Vodafone N1 will also be upgraded to Froyo.

I would actually be surprised if a carrier would deny you warranty in case of a hardware defect when you are running a stock image like FRF83.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-25

i tried like 50 times and it doesnt work please help!

james ortiz, 2010-06-26

et voilà,

here is the download link for FRF85B-from-ERE27:

Tamer Alipek, 2010-06-29

I am about to order 2 mobile phones from Vodafone UK on a monthly contract ¢30 a month over 24 months - free phone).
I am thinking of the Nexus or the HTC Desire (wish I knew which was the better).

I want Android 2.2 on these machines.

Would it be better to wait until Vodafone have updated or just go for it and hopefully upgrade later to 2.2?

Many thanks

Les Worrall, 2010-07-11

Ahhh. Froyo finally arrived on vodafone Nexus One. The OTA update just completed, the device is up and running.

Andreas Braukmann, 2010-07-21

Vodafone delivers build FRF91, Kernel, Baseband

Hotspot- and USB-Tethering are there and could be activated. (Not tested, yet.)

Andreas Braukmann, 2010-07-21

Yep, just ordered the Nexus One from Vodafone and will be able to upgrade to 2.2

Les Worrall, 2010-07-23

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