Kindle Night Light

by Volker Weber

Kindle Night Light
Photo: vowe

The Kindle does not have a backlight. It does not really need one, since it works well with ambient light, or with bright sunlight. It almost works like a newspaper. If there isn't any ambient light, and you don't want to turn on a bright lamp, then this eBook light works quite well. There are two brightness settings and I prefer the lower one. It runs on three AAA batteries and I still have to run down the first set.

If you take the light off the Kindle, the lamp stores neatly in the slot that held on to the device. I wonder how much mileage it will get in the summer with a sunrise of 5:30 and sunset at 9:30. ;-)


I want one, hopefully Amazon will list it here in Germany soon.

It sounds perfect to me for those hot nights we have at the moment. I really love having the windows open, but also don't want to attract too many bugs with the bed lights on.

Mariano Kamp, 2010-07-02 08:18

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