Our resident squirrel

by Volker Weber

Our Resident Squirrel
Photo: vowe

Our Resident Squirrel
Photo: vowe


Beautiful fellow.... beautiful shot!

Cyndi Woods, 2010-07-25 22:01

So beautiful... For what is effectively vermin!

Lewis Turek, 2010-07-25 23:34

Lovely little red chap!

Unfortunately we're over-run with their grey cousins in London, and it seems that now I have to go and buy a gun ...

Julian Woodward, 2010-07-26 08:23

@Julian, it's not just London. The Greys are overrunning the Red's habitat everywhere in the UK. Here in Aberdeen they are trapping the greys to try and give the Red a chance but it's not popular. It is possible that the red will die out in the UK soon and that would be a shame even if, as Lewis says, they are vermin.

John Lindsay, 2010-07-26 10:44

John - I know, it's the whole country, but I only live in London :-)

Julian Woodward, 2010-07-26 11:50

Can we really say they are vermin when WE built our cities on what used to be their land? Sure thing, little animals in our cities are anoying, but let's not forget we are the one always building on their land, leaving them less and less space to live ; )

Benoit Dubuc, 2010-07-26 13:55

I fail to see why squirrels should be considered "annyoing" or "vermin". Mice and rats are nibbling on virtually everything, effectively causing damages around the house. The most annyoing thing our red neighbors do is sitting on the edge of our balcony, urging us to throw them some more walnuts. I can stand that.

Robert Dahlem, 2010-07-26 17:10

@Robert -

Squirrels generally rank as the top problem-makers among all species of urban wildlife. Paradoxically, these charming, bushy-tailed creatures are also consistently judged "Most Popular" among our wild neighbors. It seems we want them and we don't want them—depending on what they're up to at any given moment. Either way, squirrels are undisputedly one of the most successful mammals in human-altered environments.

Craig Wiseman, 2010-07-27 12:44

I'm jealous of your red skwirl Vowe - it's a beauty !

but grey squirrels a rats with bushy tails and should be eaten.

Chris Coates, 2010-07-27 21:30

@Chris. Squirrel is better than Nutria. Less stringy.

But then, I'm from Louisiana, where our zoo name plates have suggested recipes.

Craig Wiseman, 2010-07-27 23:23

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