Trust (The) Factory

by Volker Weber

Marzena & Wouter
Photo: vowe

Please welcome our new sponsor for the month of August, Trust Factory. The picture shows Marzena and Wouter Aukema from my series of tall people. There is a banner above all comments that you should see unless you run an ad blocker. If you do run that, I suggest you exclude :-)

Anyway, I have known Wouter for a couple of years, and he has developed an interesting tool that will give you insights into your Notes infrastructure you did not have before. And instead of giving you happy talk about the future of Notes, he can prove, with real data, your data, how you can re-engineer your infrastructure to save cost and to make it run better. He can tell you all about your applications, which ones are being used and how much. Wouter is your friend, if you have to defend Notes against a competing offering. Or if you want to upgrade to Notes 8.5 and can't give your management good reasons to do that.

If that sounds like your problem, give them a call. IBM works with these guys, and maybe, so should you.


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