The mouse is dead. Long live the trackpad.

by Volker Weber

Magic Trackpad with iPhone and packaging
Photo: vowe

In contrast to what I said a few days ago, I don't need a full week to evaluate the Magic Trackpad. I haven't touched the mouse since.

The Magic Trackpad wins the editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award. Hands down. Is it a must-have device? No. If you already have the Magic Mouse, stay with it.


I agree... very amazing device, but I disagree on the magic mouse... if you have one, ditch it for the trackpad.

Teymur Madjderey (icedsoul photography), 2010-08-04

I'd like to have a Magic Trackpad. But there is a little problem...
After the scroll ball of my Mighty Mouse didn't work any more last year in March, i bought a 3rd party mouse. As i wasn't very happy with it, i put a Magic Mouse on the wishlist for christmas, and i got one. And i like it.
So if i tell my wife now, that i need a new pointing device again, she will kill me... :-)

Manfred Wiktorin, 2010-08-04

As I said, if you have a Magic Mouse, stay with it. Especially if it is a sacred mouse. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-08-04

Had to laugh about that quote from CrunchGear:

I think it’s a great tool but is being lauded by a group of people unfamiliar with decent mice (read: Mac users).

I didn't like the Magic Mouse. Too sharp edges and it was a PITA to do a middle click for example with three fingers (using MagicPrefs or BetterTouchTool). I'm happy now with a 7 button Logitech Performance MX.

But the TrackPad indeed looks interesting.

Oliver Regelmann, 2010-08-04

A SEVEN button mouse?

Volker Weber, 2010-08-04

I still haven't found anything to beat my trusty, very ancient, Microsoft Trackball Explorer. (But then I haven't been looking very hard as I am completely satisfied with it ;-)

Unfortunately it hasn't been made for years (about 5?), and if I ever need to replace it, it's going to cost an arm and a leg (Follow that link above to see what they cost at The best hardware Microsoft ever made, in my opinion.

John Keys, 2010-08-04

Yes. Seven. The obvious three on top plus Exposé, Show Desktop, Forward and Back for the thumb.

Oliver Regelmann, 2010-08-04

The weird thing is: if you buy a new Apple computer, you have the mighty mouse included (iMac and above) - the Magic Trackpad can be purchased as an add-on only, not as a replacement for the mouse.

Axel Koerv, 2010-08-04

I have it hooked up to my mac pro and just got back from IamLUG where I used it extensively with the Mac Book Pro. Don't miss the trackball at all.

Paul T. Calhoun, 2010-08-04

Just bought the trackpad for my iMac. Installation of all the software is a bit strange in my opinion. but after all updates finally got through I'm blown away and really happy with the trackpad.

and I safe plenty of space on my desk :)

Daniel Seiler, 2010-08-05

Dead chuft* with the Trackpad. Meets the hype and then some (means very, very pleased in "north of England speak" & unfortunately used sparingly).

chris lindley, 2010-08-05

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