Google Wave is dead

by Volker Weber

Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked. We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will maintain the site at least through the end of the year and extend the technology for use in other Google projects.

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Valentin Wölm, 2010-08-04

I admire the honesty. At least it was not classed as an "experiment"

Paul Mooney, 2010-08-05

They certainly had more users than the "experiment".

Volker Weber, 2010-08-05

@Paul ouch Zing

@Vowe ouch Zing Zing

They also didn't almost kill Google mail or Google Search in the process.

Carl Tyler, 2010-08-05

Looks like Neil Armstrongs "small step for a man, huge step for mankind" is dwarfed by the problems we have in communicating with each other. Proven by the wave closure, which is all about communication. And Neil turns 80 today.

Jörg Hermann, 2010-08-05

Wave seemed like it could do well in two areas - event coverage and enterprise use - I still think embedded Waves in SharePoint would be one of the better uses.

Kevan Emmott, 2010-08-05

Do I dare say "Google Waveplace"? :-) Google Wave will be repurposed for XWave Page development.

Bruce Elgort, 2010-08-05

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