How to move photos from your iPhone to the iPad

by Volker Weber


The iPad Camera Connection Kit consists of two connectors: the left one has a USB port where you connect your camera cable, the right one accommodates the SD card from your camera. What is not so obvious is that you can also use the sync cable that came with your iPhone and iPad, hook that up to the iPhone and plug the other end into the USB dongle of the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

You will have to put the iPhone to sleep because it otherwise draws too much power from the iPad. If you do that, after a few seconds the import panel should show up on the iPad. So far I have been unable to repeat this with a BlackBerry. The iPad always reports that the BlackBerry is drawing too much power.


Unfortunately I made the same experience: It is impossible to connect a Smartphone with USB Mass Storage Mode to an iPad because it says 'too much power', if the phone tries to charge. We ended up having an iPad and a Nokia N900, being unable to transfer pictures to the iPad because it was unable to play USB (power) or bluetooth (only audio profiles)...

Hubert Stettner, 2010-08-12

In this particular case, the solution is simple. Buy a microSD card that comes with an SD card adapter. Leave the adapter in the Apple SD dongle. Put the card into the N900 and tell the camera to store photos on that card. When you need to offload photos, remove the card from phone and place it in the adapter.

This wouldn't work if the phone does not have a microSD slot.

Volker Weber, 2010-08-12

Jepp, simple if you have one with you. I brought the cable, but not the micro- to normal-SD Adapter ;) Who would have thought things would be so complicated in the iUniverse, after all?

Hubert Stettner, 2010-08-12

And what' about services like dropbox?

Sven Richert, 2010-08-12

The Blackberry would not work anyhow. This is because RIM stores the pictures
in a sub-subfolder instead of a DCIM folder. Obviously Apple is only scanning for this.

I tried the Blackberry MicroSD with an adapter and it did not work. After manually creating a DCIM directory and copying the pictures there the IPad was importing them.

To much hassle in my eyes.

My Canon Ixus and D400 work like a charm btw.

Oliver Barner, 2010-08-12

I don't get this. In times where we exchange data wireless via WLAN, Bluetooth or via standardized interfaces Apple forces the user to buy new equipment.

Owen Menck, 2010-08-12

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