iPhone vs. Sonos CR200 Controller

by Volker Weber

The Sonos controller is pretty expensive. It's a single use device and for $349, you can also buy a 32GB* iPod and still save some money for future gadgets. But there are reasons to get the Sonos device: speed. It's much faster controlling the player, and since it connects through SonosNet, you can take a player and the controller somewhere else, where there is no network infrastructure. They will connect just fine on their own.

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*) Do not buy an iPod 8GB. It does not run iOS4 and that makes it an even slower Sonos Controller than the iPhone shown above.


Well ... the 8GB ipod Touch DOES run iOS4, maybe not in full functionality. But who needs multitasking on an ipod ??? And it works smoothly as a Sonos controller as well ...
However, I agree on your statements regarding the CR200. The most important difference: you get a cradle and the battery is more powerful than the ipods. An ipod with WLAN switched on will be empty after 2 days even if not used at all.

Axel Koerv, 2010-08-20

Axel, I think vowe is right. The 8 GB might be able to run iOS4, but in my experience the multitasking reduced the time to connect the iPhone to the SonosNet dramatically. Unfortunately I don't have a 8 GB iPod, otherwise I would have tested this also.

Thomas Lang, 2010-08-20

I have an ipod 8GB (bought it before the iOS4 was announced) - the difference between iOS3 and iOS4 in regards to the Sonos app was Z-E-R-O in my experience. It is not the multitasking, it is the redesigned Sonos app which holds the connection to the Sonos base now if kept open. Version 3.2 of that app made a big difference.

Axel Koerv, 2010-08-20

I have an 8GB iPod Touch. iOS4 made no difference at all but it's a 2nd Gen and therefore doesn't multi-task at all either.

I guess the important thing is avoiding a 3rd gen Touch?

Ben Rose, 2010-08-20


You want a 3rd gen with 32 or 64 GB, because those are the only ones benefitting from iOS4.

Volker Weber, 2010-08-20

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