BlackBerry App World 2.0 and new Evernote client

by Volker Weber


Just upgraded the BlackBerry App World Client to 2.0.x. Best way to do it: download BlackBerry App World from inside BlackBerry App World. :-) The first change you will notice is that you will be creating a BlackBerry ID, very much like you have an Apple ID for the iTunes store. Major benefit: your downloads are no longer tied to your device but to your account. There are a lot of changes under the hood like carrier billing and such, but as a user you will find it's much easier to discover apps now.



Last week there was also a new client (3.0.260) for Evernote, that doesn't go to the mobile website for displaying your notes. That however was not available through the app store on my BlackBerry Bold.


I had to set my browser to use the hotspot browser and download the file OTA from the Evernote website via Wi-Fi. Everything else failed. Here are the links for your devices:


I'm a big fan of the new App World. It answers a lot of the issues that we had up to this point. Developers can also lower the cost of their apps, but this could mean more garbage apps in App World. (Disclosure: I was a beta tester for App World 2.0)

I was able to download the new Evernote client from App World (I have a 8900 running on T-Mobile USA)

Ray J Bilyk, 2010-08-21

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