iPhone 4 screen is better protected than I thought

by Volker Weber

iPhone 4 screen bezel

When I saw the first pictures of the iPhone 4, I thought it had two glass surfaces with no edge protection. Even after using one for a bit, I did not look at this detail. But then I discovered you can feel a small groove at the edge of the screen (and the back). On closed inspection I found that there is a black bezel around the edge of the screen which offers some protection against chipping off the edge of the glass.


After dropping mine onto tarmacadam, from a height of ~3 feet, I can confirm that it does indeed provide some protection.
A number of nicks on the bezel, front and back, but no damage or scratches to glass.

Still waiting for the bumber to arrive... first one (ordered 4 weeks ago) got lost in post, replacement one arranged by Apple today... expected to ship Oct 4th :-(

Brian O'Gorman, 2010-08-30

... sorry, but could not resist.

Oswald Prucker, 2010-08-30

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