New bag: Belkin Move

by Volker Weber

Belkin Move
Photo: vowe

If you ask my sister, you can't have too many bags. And I agree with her. ;-) After lugging around a few Crumplers, and I hold all of them dearly, I now have adopted a smaller bag, a Belkin Toploader Move. It looks way better in reality than on photos. The front pouches easily hold an Apple Macbook power supply with cable, or my Canon G11 camera. On the back there is long pocket for travel documents. You can stow away the two small handles, and the trolley pass-thru feature holds your bag on top of your luggage. There are two compartments, one is padded to protect your MacBook. Belkin sells two sizes, one that fits my 13" Macbook, and a larger one for 15" Macbooks.

The feature I like best is the external side pocket that can hold a SIGG water bottle. If your drink leaks from the bottle, it won't soak your documents. Been there, done that. :-) Other features I like are the rubber bottom and the rubber shoulder pad that does not slide away. The strap is adjusted on both ends, and the bag is easy to carry since it is slim and the strap stays firmly on your shoulder.

Belkin lists the bag for 80 US-Dollar, but you will find it for a lot less. Get the brown one. It's much nicer than the black version.

In other related news, I found a Belkin product that does not work for me. The Grip Vue clear case that I recommend for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 3G, does not work well on the iPhone 4. The buttons are just too stiff. They do work, but only when pressed with too much force. This is a pity since the case looks rather nice.

Photo: vowe


Do you think the bag is compatible with a Dell notebook?

Tom Holzapfel, 2010-09-05

Look up the physical dimensions of the Apple MacBook.

Volker Weber, 2010-09-05

I also returned the Grip Vue case last week. On the 3GS it was awesome, but for the iPhone 4 it sucks. If you try to press the top button you will start the shutdown process every other time.
I now use the Hama TPU case - stupid diamond shaped back, but the case is great.

Frank Köhntopp, 2010-09-05

In yesterdays post you can see the bag in the background, so it is actually being used :-)

Frank Wunderlich, 2010-09-06

Hi Volker,

sorry.. kurze Frage.. wie sind die tatsächlichen Innenmaße? Wieviel Spielraum hat Dein MacBook in der Tasche?
Mein Notebook ist nur ein paar mm tiefer und breiter als das MacBook 13", d.h. ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob mein Gerät (T410s) passt.
Die Angaben 44 x 29 x 11 cm scheinen mir eher die äußeren Maße zu sein? Ansonsten finde ich leider nichts im Web.

Danke Dir vorab!


Markus Lachnit, 2010-11-07

Das ist noch etwas Luft um mein Macbook. Der Rechner kann bis zu 34 cm breit und 25 cm tief sein. Die Dicke ist eh kein Problem.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-07

Super.. Danke Dir. dann bestelle ich mal über Deinen Link! ;)


Markus Lachnit, 2010-11-07

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