Three bags out, one bag in

by Volker Weber


Gave away three bags today to make room for new bags. This Belkin Move Messenger compliments the other Belkin bag I recently started using. (Belkin photography sucks big time - the bag looks much nicer in reality.)

The two bags are similar in size, either for a 13" or a 15" notebook. But they serve different purposes. The Messenger bag has a notebook compartment, two outside zippers front and back, plus one with a mesh inside. You want to use this bag if you don't carry a lot of small items that need to be stowed away separately. This bag will easily hold a sweater, that you won't be able to store inside the Move.

Few large items that you will carry either in front or in the back: Messenger. Lots of small items that you will carry at your side: Move. Both bags have excellent materials and look better in reality than on photos. I particularly like the rubber at the bottom and on the strap. The strap does not come off your shoulder and the bottom protects your gear against moisture. I recommend both bags. And get the brown one. The black one looks rather cheap.


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