Lost one gel - Klipsch headset useless without

by Volker Weber

Lost one gel - Klipsch headset becomes useless for the remainder of the trip
Photo: vowe

A quick update: Amy from Klipsch is mailing me replacement gels to San Francisco. Great service!


Wrigley? :-)

Martin Kautz, 2010-09-28

I was just looking for some new in-ear 'phones with iphone 4 mic & controls. Are these what you are recommending at the moment?

Kerr Rainey, 2010-09-28

I do for sure :-)

Frank Mueller, 2010-09-28

Kerr, they are all pretty good when compared to Apple earbuds. You will find them from $50 to several hundred dollars. The Klipsch work very well for me.

Volker Weber, 2010-09-28

Kerr, i tried lots of "in-ears" for my Iphone. The Klipsch are the best i found so far for less 100€. Also recommend sennheisers MM50 which are cheaper (~40€).

Roland Dressler, 2010-09-29

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