One hour off

by Volker Weber


I recall waiting for the bus to take us to Lotusphere Europe 2000 in front of the Esplanade Grand Hotel in Berlin. The bus was late. And when it showed up about 15 minutes later, somebody said "maybe it was scheduled with Lotus Notes" to which Gartner analyst Tom Austin said: "No, then it would have been one hour off".

Scheduling is incredibly hard, with time zones, daylight savings and so forth. Today many iPhone 4.1 users across Europe have been bitten by a bug that causes repeating alerts to be one hour later. My iPhone did not correctly adjust back from daylight savings time yesterday, maybe because I am not running a German setup.

The other big issue are all day events. If the device stores them as midnight to midnight, and you are one hour off, you are actually one day off. Birthday wishes before the date are considered bad luck here. Oops.


My iPhone turned back the time one our automatically. But I set the alarm clock for today for 6.30 h but the alarm went up at 7.30?! I don't know why.

I'm using a German setup.

Thomas Lang, 2010-11-01

I have an iPhone 4 (iOS4.1) with German setup and did make the same experience today.
I have disabled the alarm clock afterwards and will enable it in the evening.
My hope is that the alarm clock will work tomorrow as expected.

Ensar Yilmaz, 2010-11-01

BTW, Birthday & other holiday wishes before the actual date are very common here… and I will never get used to it. :-)

Ulli Mueller, 2010-11-01

Ensar, the US turns back the clock next week. This is likely date for this bug to disappear.

Ulli, nice Bing plug. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-11-01

I don't know if it is already fixed, but if you use the iPhone with Google (via Exchange) birthdays of contacts will "wander" 1 day off randomly and repeatedly. Timezone and DST can be a bitch ;-)

Sebastian Herp, 2010-11-01

with os 4.2 beta 3 I didn't have that problem.

Karl Heindel, 2010-11-01

Sebastian. If scheduling is incredibly hard, calendar synchronisation is hell ;-) I had the same problem using the iPhone with local sync.

You'd think all those problems have been solved over the years but I've seen vowe's example from 2000 happen not so long ago.

Oliver Regelmann, 2010-11-01

Ahh, so Europe shares the pain!! :) In Australia we hit this issue at the beginning of October (as that is when DST begins in Aus). The issue is fixed in 4.2 apparently. When Governments say "Hey, why don't we move DST back a few weeks?" I learn to cringe...

Andrew Mihulka, 2010-11-02


We have 20 Blackberry's here from three hardware generations here - no problems at all, even our Domino servers made the shift gracefully. After all, it doesn't seem TOO hard to do for some :-). But yes, overall, it's a pain.


Heiko Voigt, 2010-11-02

You need to delete and recreate the alarm on the iPhone4 and it will work. Old ones will still be an hour off.

Simon O'Doherty, 2010-11-02

Heiko, ich würde nicht so zufrieden aus der Wäsche schauen. Das mit dem "one day off" ist ein bekanntes Problem in BES 5.02.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-02

Volker, Yep, deswegen - Technotes gelesen & update erstmal verschoben ;-).

Heiko Voigt, 2010-11-02

Oddly my Iphone 4 did not get the correct time change, but my girlfriends 3G did.. We were both in Italy at the time and we use different carriers.

Bryan McDade, 2010-11-03

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