In case you ever wondered about those faulty brakes

by Volker Weber


"Best. Customer images. Ever." @aaronh

Hanno Zulla, 2010-11-04

I've seen a guy shaving one morning driving south on Route 128!

Ulli Mueller, 2010-11-04

Bei mir um die Ecke hat einer gewohnt, der konnte den Trick mit dem Bücher lesen während der Fahrt auch - auf dem Fahrrad im Berufsverkehr 8=()

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2010-11-04

Clip sponsored by Toyota?

Dirk Rose, 2010-11-04

I would not be surprised if that was a Skype call he just received on his (insert that large computer company here) driven mobile ;-)

Wouter Aukema, 2010-11-04

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