The end of Skype for Mac as we know it

by Volker Weber


... the new Skype 5.0 is now available for Mac today in beta, introducing a revamped look and feel that simplifies navigation and provides a more Mac-like experience. For example, the Skype app has been brought together in one window for ease-of-use, and the Mac address book has been integrated, making it possible for you to call, IM and SMS your contacts when they are online or offline.

Looks like Skype is doing the same thing they already did for the Windows client, making it one monster window. This marks the beginning of the end for Skype on my machines. I don't use Skype to make phone calls. It's my instant messaging, presence, quickly move a file thing. As long as they provide the old installer, I am game. But after that, bye bye Skype. Skype video has already been replaced by FaceTime here.

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PS: Read the comments over at Ouch.


In Windows, you can still switch the mode to multiple windows (which I do, because I hate the "one big window" mode), also with Skype 5

Thomas Muders, 2010-11-04

I don't care to undo the damage Skype did. The new version was "Gone in 60 Seconds". It's that bad.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-04

i believe it when i see it.. in my own life the IMs have been degrading since the beginning. started with IRC, moved to Jabber/XMPP (actually an improvement), later needed ICQ for school friends, at work needed Skype .. and slowly i'm even hanging around MSN (at least it works in Adium)... No idea how it can get any worse, but i have long given up on choosing IMs based on how good they are.

Herbert Poul, 2010-11-04

Skype tries really hard to take over your screen. And I won't let it.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-04

Du hast mit Deiner Kritik vollkommen recht.

Bei mir ist eh schon Gtalk die IM-Plattform der Wahl - dafür kann ich nicht auf FaceTime für Video switchen, zu wenig Apple-Geräte auf den interessanten Gegenseiten.

Thomas Cloer, 2010-11-04

There once was an article that Skype wanted to offer an API library to access its service, so that other IM and VOIP applications can use the Skype protocol without forcing the user to run the Skype client.

Basically the same thing that you just suggested to Sonos a few days ago.

Wonder what happened to that. Sounded like a smart idea back then, especially with the then already obvious coming of various competing developer frameworks for mobile clients.

Hanno Zulla, 2010-11-04

Is there enough users on Facetime to really switch?

Chris Miller, 2010-11-04

Chris, I only use video calls with a few select people. And yes, they are all on FaceTime.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-04

The good news is that, as it stands, this version will never be seen in the Mac App Store.

The bad news is that, apparently, this sort of interface design isn't a criminal offence.

@Chris. Not yet. But there's nothing preventing third-party Facetime clients and services, including POTS audio only gateways. Same applies to GTalk/Jingle. I'm content sticking to old-skool for pure text messages.

David Richardson, 2010-11-05

Never understood why IM Clients always grow in features and memory use and size.
The new Skype 5 (Windows though) barely fit the windows on my netbook.

Lately I use Gmail for IM, inside the gmail browser window. Without Video and voice.

Patrick Bohr, 2010-11-05

It´s still possible to have only the list of contacts shown in Skype 5.0 for Windows, so I don´t see a problem here. I also don´t like the big window.

adalbert duda, 2010-11-05

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