I could use one of those

by Volker Weber



In the gallery they show it next to an iPad / iPhone. But in the specs it doesn't say anything about support for Apple AirPlay.

Can you recommend (wireless) speakers that support AirPlay (and are available in the German market)?

Christian Heindel, 2010-11-08

Why would they use Airplay? They use A2DP which does not require a proprietary Apple chip.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-08

The different reach of Bluetooth vs. WLAN and the tight integration into iOS comes to my mind.

I thought I would be able to build some kind of Sonos "light" via AirPlay technology. But maybe I got it wrong...

Christian Heindel, 2010-11-08

Sonos is very hard to "get". I saw lots of people trying to rebuild Sonos the "el cheapo" way only to buy a Sonos in the end. That is why I say it depends on how much money you can waste. Sonos is independent of you current computer hardware. It just needs some sort of a controller, network access and the simplest access to stored music.

Airplay will be nice for lots of people. You just have to realize that whatever is pushing music to the speaker will have to keep doing that. In contrast, Sonos gets a command to play and then is completely independent. So your iPhone will keep sending data over Wi-Fi, or your iTunes will have to keep working without ever running out of data, and it will always be some kind of Apple hardware that pushes the music. You Airplay device will not play nice with anything but Apple gear.

Not good enough for me. In case of the speaker above, it would play with everything I have. iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys, Nokias, PCs, Macs, etc.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-08

Store FAQ: we only ship to US.
that ends a lot of our dreams, doesnt it.
So for now, I am happy with my S5 even if I cannot carry it around.

Chris Frei, 2010-11-08

Mit ihrer Werbung für BT Kopfhörer für das iPhone haben sie mich dazu gebracht, ihr Produkt zu kaufen (es war damals hier nicht erhältlich und ausgesprochen schwierig, nach Deutschland zu bekommen). Damals war mein Fazit: Das Produkt wurde mit den richtigen Features angepriesen, hat aber diese Leistung nicht gebracht.

Auch in diesem Fall sieht die Werbung gut aus. Lass hören, wie es sich in der Realität macht.

Armin Roth, 2010-11-09

Isch 'abe keins.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-09

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