Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.0.1 Update

by Volker Weber


This update fixes critical issues in Office 2011, including issues that might cause Office 2011 applications to stop responding or quit unexpectedly. For more information about this update, please visit the Microsoft Web site.

Applies to: Office 2011, Office 2011 Home and Business Edition, Word 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011, Outlook 2011, Communicator 2011, Office for Mac Standard 2011 Edition, Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Student 2011, and Microsoft Office for Mac Academic 2011

That was quick. A 110 MB fixpack.

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What else is new about updates. What did surprise me in your post what the fact that Outlook is positioned in between 3 fantastic products. (by the way, I am an MS Office 2003 fanatic, not 2007 or 2010 [yet]).

Wouter Aukema, 2010-11-10

I didn't. Microsoft did. 2010 is pretty cool.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-10

Doesn't that just mean, they knowingly pushed an unfinished product onto the market? :)

Johannes Matzke, 2010-11-10

Everybody does that. Apple just issued a fix for iPhoto briefly after publishing it.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-10

but no word about iCal syncing :-(

Karl Heindel, 2010-11-10

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