Path - Share moments with your closest friends

by Volker Weber


Path lets you share photos with up to 50 friends. Not your 1000 closest friends on Facebook. I have added 4 during the last 12 hours, but I won't need more than 20. You currently need an iPhone with iOS4, iPod touch is not good enough. Path will add other phones, I expect Android and BlackBerry.

In any case, you can sign up today, even if you don't have a suitable phone, so you can view the moments that your friends share with you, on their web site.

The iPhone app is very, very simple. Shoot a photo, add people, places and things (sounds familiar, eh?) and share. It won't share stuff you already have in your library. If somebody wants to share with you, you can share back, but you don't have to. If your friends share too much, you can pause them. Very powerful and simple.

Get the app >


Sieht so aus, als hätten da vier ihre Verpixelungsanträge auch auf ausgedehnt.

Konstantin Klein, 2010-11-18

Nö, das war ich.

Volker Weber, 2010-11-18

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