Mobile Me "Find My iPhone" now free for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod 4

by Volker Weber

Mobile Me "Find My iPhone" now free for iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod 4
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You need to create a Mobile Me ID from a supported device, but then you can add unsupported devices like the 3G above, as Erik mentions in his comment.


Looks pixelated to me...

Scott Hanson, 2010-11-22

May be a bug: I have an old expired account for my AppleID. On the iPad I cannot activate "Find my iPad" or any other option for the account. Error: Wrong user name or password.
When I try to log into I receive the message "Find my iPhone is not activated. Activated it from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch." Serves me right for cheaping out of /

Hen, egg...

Thinking of a workaround now.

Tobias Hauser, 2010-11-22

There is a button at the bottom "create free Apple ID".

Volker Weber, 2010-11-22

Works with 3GS too if you first register with a eligible device. In my case I first registered my iPad and then my 3GS using the same account.

Erik Ferrari, 2010-11-22

Na, das ist aber mal mindestens 20 Meter daneben. So würde ich meinen guten alten iPod nie finden. Und von meinem tollen neuen 32 GB 'iPhod4' ganz zu schweigen.

Thomas Vogler, 2010-11-23

doesn't work for wifi only iPad

Tommy Oustad, 2010-11-23

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