New media player: Netgear NeoTV 550

by Volker Weber


The son of EVA is here: a brand new NeoTV 550. Immediate benefits over the EVA9150: no fan, no spinning disk, much smaller, support for DTS in the box. Speaking of formats, this is what NeoTV supports:

It's way uglier than the EVA, but I am not much concerned about that. I only wonder when Netgear will hire a UX designer. I tell you a bit more about the device once I used it for a little bit.


OMG: I thought the picture showed the *back* of the device with it's ugly layout and connectors, but I now realise it's the front ...

Eva Quirinius, 2010-12-17

Hallo Volker,

hast Du schon ein paar Erfahrungswerte sammeln können?

Wäre ja ggf. eine gute Alternative zum neuen Apple-TV...

Manfred Dillmann, 2010-12-29

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