Nokia Big Screen

by Volker Weber

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with apple hardware you can do that wireless

Karl Heindel, 2011-01-05

With the Nokia solution you unplug an HDMI wire from a sat receiver or DVD player and plug it into the phone. What would you do with an iPhone for instance?

Volker Weber, 2011-01-05

I love how they integrated a Wii remote ;-)

Sebastian Herp, 2011-01-05

I don't have a Wii remote, otherwise I would have tested it right away.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-05

Nice try and good luck with this Nokia.
Wii As Remote Control. Hm ...

I stay with iPad and appe tv wireless sitting in my Couch.


Wolfgang schmidetzki, 2011-01-06

That's fine. Just not very mobile. :-)

Volker Weber, 2011-01-06

Apparently, it only uses the direction keypad of the Wii remote, so the app doesn't use the gestures possible with the Wii remote.

Hanno Zulla, 2011-01-06


you have to buy a tv with airplay support and then you need nothing besides a iPhone or iPad.

Karl Heindel, 2011-01-06

And then you carry that TV everywhere you want to show your media?

Volker Weber, 2011-01-06

I love this application. For a first shot it is really smooth and stable. I tested it with a Wiimote and this makes really sense. Here Nokia shows the power of wide connectivity options and using *standards*.

Airplay might be nice, but it is so non standard and screwed up, so typically Apple. I really wonder, when customers might finally realise that this is not a feature, but a bug...

The way to go are standards. Like HDMI. Or Wireless HDMI even. Plus DLNA. Not closed approaches that need additional, proprietary hardware...

Hubert Stettner, 2011-01-06

@Hubert: You are right that standards are better then prop. solutions.
At the end of the day I really only want to enjoy my pics and videos and music wireless and I don't want to know "how" it works. And Apple TV / AirPlay just works (mostly). And that's the reason why Apple is successful.

Wolfgang Schmidetzki, 2011-01-06

My experience with Airplay is not as smooth as your's. I can display a photo through Apple TV, but it won't advance when I skip to the next one on the iPhone.

If you share your own photos and videos on your own Apple TV, it's pretty much what DLNA does without proprietary hardware. Most current TVs know how to use a DLNA server which is included in most if not all NAS boxes. Apple TV cannot access those files. Some of those TVs can also be a DLNA renderer, so they implement the industry standard protocol for what Airplay is copying. Speaking about wireless, the recently announced HTC Android phones all play through DLNA renderers.

Apple TV is a razor. You are supposed to buy blades from the iTunes store. :-)

Volker Weber, 2011-01-06

@Volker: May be there are better standard based solution. But you need an IT-specialist at home, to set it up.
That's the difference to the Apple-way: even I can bring it to work in a few minutes.
And if the "recently announced HTC Android phones" does it as easy as Apple - some day - fine. We will see. In the meantime AirPlay is a working solution today.

(BTW: I am tired to here, what Android will be able to do "same day". They do exactly what Apple showed them what customers love to see. There is really no innovation in Android. It's just an iOS clone as far as I can see).

Wolfgang Schmidetzki, 2011-01-07

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