Apple adds an app store to the Mac

by Volker Weber


Apple takes the successful app store to the Mac. I believe it's going to be an important move.

Installing applications on the Mac has always been simple. And yet, many people did not grasp the concept of a drive image that you had to mount and could throw away after the fact. The app store makes it even easier to acquire an application. It will hopefully also make it easier to remove one that has been installed.

The biggest change however is that it brings an update-all-my-apps feature into the Mac world.


Now wouldn't it be nice if you could move the apps you already bought in there to make them auto-updatable...

Frank Köhntopp, 2011-01-06

Frank, this just works (who wonders?)...
I did an update of already installed free Evernote from within the App Store but did not want to buy again Things. So I did an update from within the program itself and the App Store shows it as installed. Tadaa...

Joerg Gramenz, 2011-01-06

AppFresh works quite well for keeping installed applications up-to-date. I used it for some time about one year ago but I found that the build-in software update in those applications I use regularly is enough for me and is faster than always checking all with AppFresh.

Lennard Timm, 2011-01-06

Why not integrated in iTunes?

marco foellmer, 2011-01-06

I’m glad they’ve made this a separate app. iTunes was becoming the hub for everything which to my mind was / is not the way to go.

Ben Poole, 2011-01-06

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