Lotusphere Online to finally become useful

by Volker Weber

Year after year Lotus set up an online site for Lotusphere. To tear it down a few weeks after the conference. It wasn't very useful. Why would you invest time into building a profile for a site that would soon be gone forever.

On top of that, the site was also underpowered. You would not really want to use it because it was showcasing some latest version of Lotus technology. Remember Workplace?

Things have changed. IBM sells exactly the kind of software you would need to build a good Lotusphere Online. It also has cloud computing resources that would allow it to adjust to capacity demands throughout the year. Make it really big for Lotusphere and the weeks surrounding it. And scale it down somewhat during the rest of the year. But don't tear it down like a tent, instead make it a house. A house that will always be there for the community to rely on.

I talked about this idea with a few people at last year's Lotusphere, amongst them The Queen of Lotusphere. Everybody liked the idea. And frankly, it wasn't very original, since the competition has been doing it for a while. And I don't think I have been the only person who came up with it.

Anyway, now it appears to happen.


The build up to Lotusphere 2011 has been notable, for one principal reason. Lotus have been listening...

Online social presence
Streaming video of OGS
All day coffee
Permanent Lotusphere Online

All long-time requests that have been fulfilled for this year's show. Great work by Kathy and her team.

Stuart McIntyre, 2011-01-06

There have been discussion about this in some LinkedIn groups as well, touting how it will work and to stay tuned. I simply hope it meets what I talked about earlier today. No silo and it stays forever.

This has been missing for a long time. The content lost over the years, even across systems, is disheartening

Chris Miller, 2011-01-06

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