Opening a US iTunes account

by Volker Weber

I'd like to open a US iTunes account. A German account can be opened without any prerequisites, but it appears for a US account I need a US credit card or an iTunes gift card, even if I only want to download a free app. Any workarounds?

Why do I need a US account? Because we need to download this app, which for some reason is not in the German store:


Update: Vitor Pereira has shown me the way.


The gift card is the workaround.

Richard Schwartz, 2011-01-10

OK. Who can buy me a $0 gift card? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2011-01-10

Just borrow Richard's credit card number.

David Bailey, 2011-01-10

There is a way, that Vitor has shown me:

Volker Weber, 2011-01-10

Ich hatte mir mal nen Accout nach diesem Tip angelegt:

Vielleicht tut das noch so

Michael Roesch, 2011-01-10

Bring Dir einfach bei Deinem nächsten USA-Besuch eine Geschenk-Kredit-Card mit. Gibt's (u.a.) bei CVS (Visa, Amex etc.). Oder vielleicht schickt Dir jemand eine?

Armin Roth, 2011-01-10 is the same, but they have disabled the giftcard work around

mark myers, 2011-01-10

I used itunes gift cards, which you can buy at the average CVS/ Walgreens etc. So no credit card needed. I got the first gift card on ebay, just to get started - and still use the US iTunes account and some stuff you just get there indeed. Also if you ever want to watch some show in the Eng^WKlingon original there you have it. :-)

Alexander Koch, 2011-01-10

You can buy U.S. iTunes gift cards for a fee online for example at ($12.49 for a $10 gift card)

Torsten Hoffmann, 2011-01-10

Training Club? I'm missing the option "Get Laid". SCNR!

Kai Bode, 2011-01-10

Good example of global comapnies failing at being global.

thorsten ebers, 2011-01-10

Not so sure. Why wouldn't you allow a publisher to control the distribution of their app?

Volker Weber, 2011-01-10

Ich finde es sehr ärgerlich, das man sich auch noch eine falsche, zum Land des App-Stores passende (in dem Beispiel US), Adresse ausdenken muss.

Klaus Ditze, 2011-01-10

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