Need a good reason to use the Mac App Store? Updates

by Volker Weber




That old "check for updates on startup" thing always worked for me, but OK.

Jeff Gilfelt, 2011-01-12

Handy to have, but a shame it only works for apps you’ve bought / downloaded via the store. Other apps just get listed as “Installed” in the App Store UI, but you can’t update them.

Ben Poole, 2011-01-12

Not sure, maybe I'm holding it wrong, but the AppStore doesn't show me updates unless I launch it. I had expected something smilar as the system's Software Update which checks for updates in the background.

Moritz Petersen, 2011-01-12

Jeff, we don't need every developer to reinvent updates, payment, serial # schemes etc.

Ben, yes, that's difficult but a no-brainer for free apps.

And Moritz, I think they will get there with 10.7.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-12

There were already pretty great Cocoa frameworks like Sparkle to manage updates, which meant smart developers weren't really reinventing anything, and the user experience for updates was good.

If the app store sees more sales for developers and a better experience for users, then I'm all for it. So long as it never becomes the sole distribution channel for 3rd party software of course.

Jeff Gilfelt, 2011-01-12

I can agree on that. It looks like Evernote is really happy about the store.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-12

Far from perfect, but Appfresh is also a quite comfortable solution.

Benjamin Bock, 2011-01-12

Wenigstens kann man jetzt bei den App-Store-Versionen von BBEdit und TextWrangler die Command-Line-Tools nachinstallieren. Beide Programme weisen übrigens selbst auf Updates hin. Zugegeben: das sieht man erst, wenn sie gestartet sind.

Olav Brinkmann, 2011-01-12

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