Not even 30 years ...

by Volker Weber


I laughed out loud at the turntable 'scratching' - c'est tres cool!

Nick Daisley, 2011-01-14

Was die Kinder in 30 Jahren wohl zum iPhone sagen werden? Und zur Wiimote? "Spielt man das mit den Händen?"

Olav Brinkmann, 2011-01-14

That was great! The scary part is that I used all of those devices at one point, even the "8 track" player that looks like a detonator.

At the time, all of those technologies were considered "cool". For my part, I thought the CD was going to last far longer than it has...

Frank Paolino, 2011-01-14

Yes, i remember at 1985 i was afraid having read that cds would only last 15 or 20 years.

Christian Just, 2011-01-14

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