When is a good time to buy an iPhone or an Android?

by Volker Weber

There is some truth to this quite funny (and sad) humor. So when is a good time to buy an iPhone? I'd say anytime during the six month after a new iPhone has entered the market. That gives you two years where you can expect useful updates.

So far there is no good time to buy an Android other than now. It does not really matter, because Android is being updated a few times a year, and you cannot expect updates from your manufacturer, your carrier, or Google. If you are adventurous then you can "root" your phone and install homebrew firmware. Or you can buy a developer phone, which will stay up-to-date until the next dev phone comes out. I have had two of those, one went from 1.0 to 1.6, the other one from 2.1 to 2.2.1 and is expected to be updated to 2.3. Both were made by HTC. Today's dev phone is the Nexus S made by Samsung. In less than a year there will be yet another new one.

Dev phones are pure Android devices with the Google experience. Most if not all other Androids are customized in one way or the other. I prefer the Google experience, but you might like other custom experiences. Just don't expect updates after Google released new versions.


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