Notice to self: try to be great instead of average

by Volker Weber

Great people talk about ideas.
Average people talk about things.
Small people talk about other people.

I mostly talk about things. Maybe I should talk about other people's ideas. ;-)


Ha, wer sich von so Kalendersprüchen leiten lässt, wird ohnehin kein "great people". :D

Kristof Doffing, 2011-01-19

I would say you talk about your ideas about things. Not sure where that puts you...

Liam McLaughlin, 2011-01-19

... even better, be a catalyst for enacting ideas. We all know talk is cheap.

Good post, Volker.

John Rowland, 2011-01-19

Kenne diese Weisheit geschlechtsdifferenziert als:
"Willst ein Gespräch mit Männern Du machen, sprich über Sachen.
Soll ein Gespräch mit Frauen sich lohnen, sprich von Personen."

Christian Zalto, 2011-01-19

I like that, a lot - thanks for sharing.

Ben Rose, 2011-01-20

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