Getting even

by Volker Weber



Stephan Bohr, 2011-01-21

Ich lachte hart Ich dachte, ich wollte meine Hose pinkeln!

Devin Olson, 2011-01-21

Although, it's the poor security guy who gets the headache, not the perpetrators of the company's phone calls.

Nick Daisley, 2011-01-21

The perpetrators of the company's phone calls get the public shaming through this video.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-21

This prank must be seen in the context of a campaign lead by Dutch comedian Youp van 't Hek after his son got into trouble with T-mobile. Youp jumped-in and kept us all informed via twitter. As a result, T-mobile and many other so-called service providers got into big trouble with the rest of the low-lands. Finally, there was a campaign in which people shared their helpdesk stories, which were then edited into a single-issue magazine called "De Help,"' subtitled "legally screwing customers."

Mind you, in his earlies days as a public figure, Van 't Hek gave beer brand Buckler a run for their money and leave the Dutch market...

Frans Swarte, 2011-01-21


Jerry Carter, 2011-01-21

Super. Echt super. Tränen-lach ;)

Thomas Gumz, 2011-01-21

Marvellous. I hope Matthieu had to call a toll number ... :-|

Jan-Piet Mens, 2011-01-21

Very, very good!

Juergen Eichholz, 2011-01-23

Genius! Utter Genius.

David Killingsworth, 2011-01-23

You should see the episode where they infiltrate the phone-games that TV channels in Belgium keep (or kept) spouting late a night.

In Belgium it's still legal to do late-night shows where you see a seemingly simple equation or riddle and you can phone in the result - at 2 euros a call.

They infiltrated one of the TV channels and cracked the "key" that was used to generate the riddles. At the same time they exposed the way people with the right solution where kicked off the phone lines.

The shows are currently stopped. Our procrastinating Belgian politicians of course still haven't forbidden these kind of shows, even after a public outcry.

Alex Boschmans, 2011-01-24

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