People I will miss at Lotusphere 2011

by Volker Weber

There is quite a few "regulars" (some in this photo), that won't make it to Orlando this year.

Still building the list ...


That's quite a lot of people I thought LS can't run without them!?

Thomas Lang, 2011-01-24

all of us will miss some of those!

Mark Myers, 2011-01-24

And now: Who will ask the first question in the "Ask the developer" session?

Andy Brunner, 2011-01-24

The LSX Toolkit has been fixed, hasn't it? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2011-01-24

Susan Bulloch was talking about auctioning off (for charity, of course) the "right" to ask the first question at "Ask the Developers".

Regarding the LSX Toolkit, yes, it was fixed, but then it broke again.

Bob Balaban, 2011-01-24

I'll miss you all as well. As a point of clarification, while I have no idea why most of the others are missing this year, my reasons are purely due to medical issues (family, not mine), and not some change in direction or lack of interest.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2011-01-25

Surely that's about half the entire known "Yellow verse"!

Jake Howlett, 2011-01-25

Nope, that's actually a bit bigger. But many are in your camp. Not enough Domino work to justify the trip. Ben L is a different story. I have no idea why IBM isn't buying him. His work needs to be in the product.

Volker Weber, 2011-01-25

No guy in the yellow shirt on the end this year either :-(

Kevin Pettitt, 2011-01-25

Even the other universe don´t send out Gary Devendorf

Andreas Rosen, 2011-01-25

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