Outer Hebrides

by Volker Weber

Outer Hebrides
Photo: vowe

This is the furthest we have been "out" in Europe. And it has been seven years! Spiegel Online has some great photos today.


So when are you coming back? If you need any suggestions for the southern Hebrides (where they make the best single malt whisky...) I think I should be able to give you a few hints ;-)

Armin Grewe, 2011-01-24

If you enjoy Scotch Whisky, you have to go to Islay. Drinkers heaven...

Thomas Hans-Jürgen Vogler, 2011-01-24

I have very fond memories (and a boatload of Fuji Velvia-50 slides) of a visit to the isle of Skye.

Lovely hikes, be prepared to have to dry your feet as the hills are covered in bog (soft earth) where little knolls looking dry quickly compress like a fluffy spunge.

Some Munros require a light scramble or ropes and stuff.

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2011-01-25

If i may correct Lars, there is just one Munro (Skye) that requires a rope: the Inaccessible Pinnacle on top of Sgurr Dearg. Most Skye Munros requires good handwork but mostly they are quite good to reach. (169 bagged and counting)

Frank Mueller, 2011-01-25

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